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iQlink are experts in mobilising business applications, with years of valuable experience.  We have a track record in delivering solutions into the SAP customer base and are currently further adding to our list of both SAP and non-SAP reference customers.  If you would like more details, please follow the link to contact us



Britvic Soft Drinks is the leading UK soft drinks manufacturer for brands such as J2O, Robinsons and Pepsi.

iQlink provided a solution to the manufacturing and warehouse facilities in Ireland and the UK to control the inventory process from production receipt through storage to despatch, with the use of bar-code scanning. In addition, Britvic has automated and integrated machines with SAP to control the routing and despatch of product.
The bar-code solution has been deployed to both hand-held and truck-mounted devices, and replaced a legacy system which had become difficult and costly to maintain. In the development process additional functionality was also introduced.



Mylan UK (formerly Generics) is part of the Mylan Group, manufacturing a range of generic drugs for the pharmaceutical industry.

iQlink delivered enhanced inventory and warehouse control processes. The project has undergone rigorous testing to meet stringent drug traceability and process approval regulations. The solution gives Mylan better batch traceability processes, automates product replenishment to pick face and significantly improves warehouse efficiency in both speed and accuracy.


Hillary’s Blinds manufacture and distribute a range of domestic and industrial vertical and horizontal window blinds.

iQlink and its partner CSI delivered a picking, packing and delivery process which helps ensure that complete blind kits are delivered to Hillary’s team of installers and fitters. The mobile solution was deployed as an intelligent client application allowing full off-line recording and checking of deliveries, with updates posted via a GPRS connection to SAP.



iQlink customer Princes


Operating across 40 countries, Princes is the UK’s leading importer of canned food and one of the country’s largest soft drinks manufacturers. Princes brand names include the well known Princes label, Napolina Italian foods and Shippams spreads, Aqua-Pura natural mineral water and Crisp ‘n Dry cooking oil. Princes manufactures across nine production sites in the UK, supplying own brand juices, drinks and oils to many of the country’s leading supermarkets. 

Princes was iQlink's first customer, realising that the WM solution template delivered by iQlink was a good fit for their needs. All other solutions that they considered were more complex, requiring skilled resources (mainly ABAP programmers) and more time to implement. The mobile solution also reduced the risk and the costs of support, and avoided the need for any additional middleware.

iQlink enabled warehouse staff to scan stock/pallet labels and confirm transactions. The solution automates the 5 SAP transactions above, saving staff time and reducing errors.


Since this case study was written, Princes has rolled the solution out to a dozen of its warehouses. Princes were initially attracted to being able to automate a complex process in SAP using ECS and reducing data entry on the operators’ hand-helds to just two screens.

iQlink has since built a PC based PO approvals system so that Princes’ Managers can review and process purchase orders using a much friendlier interface than before. In its latest activity with Princes, iQlink is building an application that will integrate weighscales with SAP. 

Most recently, Princes Foods has enabled full integration with electronic weighscales in their production facility to SAP.

The solution, implemented by iQlink, is operated from a hand-held device which sends requests for a weight from a bar-code scanner to SAP. The solution in turn sends a signal to a weighscale, receives the weight back and then ask the user to confirm the goods issue on the hand-held terminal.

RF Enabled Warehouse Management

Electronic Weigh Scale Integration


iQlink customer Princes

Oki (UK) Ltd’s plant in Scotland manufactures and distributes printers across Europe.

iQlink delivered a solution in OKI’s manufacturing plant and warehouse where hand-held terminals receive finished goods into the warehouse. The solution implemented by iQlink is used in the warehouse for bin put-away, picking, store location transfers, packaging and dispatch. The bar-code hand-held solution also caters for complex batch and serial number tracking throughout the warehouse and dispatch function. The entire system was implemented by an iQlink consultant in less than six weeks and OKI has extended the solution to another warehouse in Europe.


iQlink customer Princes

Warwick University’s campus is spread across 290 hectares. Its catering facility serves food and beverages to several thousand undergraduates, seminar delegates and staff every day from several stores, kitchens and outlets across the campus.

iQlink and its partner Chelford installed SAP IM and a mobile solution to handle goods receipt, goods issue, stock transfer and inventory count. The solution had two unique advantages over the alternative options. The off-line capability enables stock checking inside their many walk-in freezers where there is no RF or GPRS signal. The level of encryption provided also met Warwick’s stringent security standards which are designed to prevent very computer-literate people from hacking into the application.


iQlink customer Princes

Amoun Pharmaceutical in Egypt moved from a custom built system to SAP in January 2009 and simultaneously chose iQlink to mobilise their SAP system in their central and distributed warehouses, running SAP WM.

iQlink developed a multi-language application in English and Arabic which involved right to left wording and the ability to choose between English and Arabic text on the hand-held screen and bar-code label printer. iQlink has developed a multi-language capability that will be deployed at two more customers. Also developed was a configurable printing solution using the VTI server to print configurable bar-code labels from the application.


iQlink customer Princes

Rieber & Søn is one of Norway’s leading food conglomerates whose main markets are in Western, Central and Eastern Europe where the Group has considerable market shares in the retail grocery sector.

iQlink implemented a SAP CRM based mobile merchandising application to enable over 200 merchandisers from Norway to Poland to record information in the store, check and order stock, and make enquiries to the SAP CRM System. Rieber merchandisers and demonstrators need to record time and expense data from the handheld and update SAP. iQlink’s implementation partner is DvW.


iQlink customer Princes

Waterstone’s is Britain’s largest book chain with over 300 retail stores. Following the implementation of a new central book hub in a warehouse that occupies over two acres, iQlink was selected to provide a number of application solutions.

At each store, an application running on Symbol hand-helds provides proof of receipt and returns updates to SAP. In the warehouse, the solution provides stock movement, picking and dispatch control. iQlink enabled the integration of VoxWare, a voice activated picking solution, to the high speed VanderLande materials handling carousel. Over twenty stores are now fully live with the new system and a rapid rollout programme adds new stores in a controlled manner. iQlink’s partner Unipart manages the outsourced central warehouse.


iQlink customer Princes

A highly successful Formula 1 high performance engine builder relies on mobile applications in their warehouse, on their production lines and racetracks.

iQlink has implemented a bar code RF application at the central warehouse, and the company has built their own application to track the progress of each engine build and display its status on large plasma screens in the assembly area. This saves the
management team large amounts of time otherwise spent in identifying delays and problems. In addition, the same solution is used at the racing circuits on practice and race days where it manages the inventory of engine assemblies and parts in the
mobile containers and pits.

 iQlink customer Princes

The Drinks Group within Mars selected iQlink to mobilise its SAP CRM Customer Service system and allow its engineers to link to SAP from their mobile device across three European countries.

iQlink connected the handheld terminals to SAP CRM and used the multi-language enablement that it has developed. Three of the factors that played a significant part in winning a very competitive tender were the ability to use the mobile devices that the company had obtained a number of years ago, the quality of the reference sites and the data security provided.

 iQlink customer Princes

Northern Rail operates around 290 trains, almost 500 railway stations and provides nearly 2500 local and regional train services every weekday, making it the largest rail operator in the UK. The company operates three rail maintenance depots where carriages, electrical engines and diesel locomotives, wheel assemblies and braking systems are disassembled, cleaned, inspected, maintained and repaired or rebuilt.

iQlink implemented an IM template to manage the engineering stores and provide bin location management without SAP WM. Issues to Works Orders are carried out from a hand-held device. Northern Rail is testing a Shopping Cart Approval solution for their 100 managers’ BlackBerry smartphones, using the 10seconds Software solution.


iQlink customer Warburtons

Warburtons employs over 4,500 people and is actively managed by the fifth generation of the Warburtons family – Brett, Jonathan and Ross. The company produces more than 2 million bakery products a day which it distributes across the UK from its thirteen bakeries and eleven depots.

Aware that its BlackBerry smartphones could do more than email and diary management and with many of the management team frequently out of their offices, Warburtons started looking for additional business functionality that would improve their managers’ productivity, speed up decision making and be economically beneficial in a very short time.

Damien Ghee, Warburtons Director for IT and Programmes saw PO approval as one such process and realised that there were systemic delays when the manager responsible was away from their desk.

In conjunction with its mobile service provider O2 and iQlink, Warburtons implemented the SAP PO approval application in less than one month.


Since this case study was written, iQlink has developed a shopping cart approvals application that runs on BlackBerry smartphones and accesses SAP SRM. The application replaces the mobile PO approvals system that iQlink developed in 2007.

The user interfaces on the BlackBerry are so user friendly that directors and managers approve the requisitions from their BlackBerry when they are sitting at their desks rather than use the equivalent SAP Gui transaction.